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Buccaneer Spotlight - Kiera Hayes

November 21, 2011 at 11:52 am

Kiera Hayes

Kiera Hayes: Alumni (Class of 2011)

Sport(s): Women’s Soccer

Seattle, Washington – Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences

Major: Anthropology and Biochemistry (double major).

Currently: Clinical research at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, in the Gastroenterology Department

How did you find out about Beloit? Did you know a lot about Beloit when you first visited campus?

“I first found out about Beloit from the “Colleges that Change Lives” book, which my mother made me read.  My sister had also applied at Beloit (although she attended College of Wooster), so I had heard about it through her as well.  When I first visited Beloit, I had already done a great deal of online research about the classes, majors, extracurricular activities, etc. at Beloit.  I also read about it in the Princeton Review, so yes, I knew quite a bit about Beloit.”

We are focusing a lot on Liberal Arts in Practice at Beloit; so as part of what you practice(d) name one aspect that you took away(will take) from being a Beloit student-athlete that you use in your everyday life.

“I found that being a student-athlete really taught me how to manage my time well. When I was out of season, I had a harder time completing my assignments in an organized manner, and I didn’t plan ahead as well. Now that I am not a student or as much of an athlete, I have an even worse time organizing myself and being productive. But, I am getting better now that my summer is over, and I find that my training from when I was a student-athlete is helping me get back into a productive and motivated mindset so that I can get my tasks accomplished and still have time for social activities.” 

What (if any) accolades did you receive (Academically/Athletically) while being a student-athlete?

  • -Beloit College Dean’s List Fall 2007- 2010; Spring 2008, 2009, 2011
  • -Beloit College Dept. of Biology Susan Fulton Welty Award   2008
  • -American Chemical Society Award for Achievement in Organic Chemistry 2009
  • -Heeren-Kelly Endowed Scholarship Fund 2009
  • -Most Valuable Defensive Player, Beloit College Women’s Soccer     2009
  • -Most Valuable Defensive Player and Team Most Valuable Player, Beloit College    Women’s Soccer, 2010
  • -Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field Captain, Beloit College 2011
  • -John H. Nair Award (Chemistry) 2011
  • -Ann M. Verville Scholar’s Award (Biology)   2011
  • -Edward DeGeorge Service and Scholar Athlete Award 2011
  • -Phi Beta Kappa  2011

If you could name one class or professor (mentor) that really meant something to you while at Beloit, who or what would that be?

“Well, that could really be a huge list of people.  I have had so many amazing teachers and classes while at Beloit.  However, I guess the most important teacher/mentors for me were my advisers Rob LaFleur and Kevin Braun.” 

Name one of the most rewarding experiences you took part in while at Beloit College?

“Alright, for my real answer, the most rewarding experience would be my class about health and development in Nicaragua with Nancy Krusko.  We had an excellent mix of anthropology majors, bio/chem/science majors, public health majors, sociology majors, and even an economics major.  We had great discussions, read inspiring and eye opening books, and then went to Nicaragua over spring break.  This class introduced me to a number of subjects and community development project ideas that I had never heard about and never learned about, and it was absolutely amazing.  It really changed the way I thought about and approached community development (one of my interests).  The trip itself was also a wonderful mix of fun travel, sightseeing, history, and astonishment.  Visiting the municipal dump in Managua is still one of my most disturbing and motivating memories…” 

“..For my not so politically correct answer, one of the most rewarding experiences at Beloit was costume parties.  I have never felt so free to be myself and completely let down any barrier I previously put in place.  Beloit really lets you express yourself without fear of judgment or punishment.  I could walk around campus in tiger print spandex, a faux-fur jacket, and a lamb hat and it would just be another day at Beloit, no questions asked.  I really miss that, and dull hued sweat pants just don’t make me as happy and carefree as those spandex.” 

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? - Name a career goal/aspiration you strive for.

“Haha, ask me every day this week and you might get a different answer.  However, I will probably end up attending medical school (hopefully at University of Washington), focusing on mother and child health or primary care practice, and hoping to someday work for Doctors without Borders, and doing something with Anthropology.” 

“In ONE word I would sum up Beloit College as- Unique (in a good way).