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Buccaneer Spotlight - Mike Kovach

March 19, 2012 at 9:25 am

 Mike Kovach: Class of 2011

Sport(s): Baseball 

Akron, Ohio – Joliet Catholic AcademyMike Kovach

Major: Economics & Management

How did you find out about Beloit? Did you know a lot about Beloit when you first visited campus?

I knew absolutely nothing about Beloit before Coach DeGeorge contacted me about playing baseball and introduced me to the school.

We are focusing a lot on Liberal Arts in Practice at Beloit; so as part of what you practice(d) name one aspect that you took away(will take) from being a Beloit student-athlete that you use in your everyday life.

Learning to work with people who have different beliefs and opinions was a very valuable takeaway from Beloit. Teamwork is a life skill that can be applied to almost anything that you would want to do after college.

What (if any) accolades did you receive (Academically/Athletically) while being a student-athlete?

Dean’s List 2 years

Other various athletic awards

If you could name one class or professor (mentor) that really meant something to you while at Beloit, who or what would that be?

Jerry Gustafson. The conversations that I had with Jerry outside the classroom helped me apply what I was learning in the classroom to real life and have prepared me for life after college. He allowed me to realize just how important it is for you to go beyond work given in the classroom to get the most out of the college experience.

Name one of the most rewarding experiences you took part in while at Beloit College?

In the fall the baseball team would hold baseball clinics for young kids every Sunday morning. As hard as it was to get out bed early in the morning on a Sunday I loved being to share something I loved with the young athletes in the community.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? - Name a career goal/aspiration you strive for.

I currently work in sales for a computer software company in Milwaukee. I love sales and am able to draw from many of the things I learned through my participation in athletics. Things such as time management and discipline are life skills that athletics helped me develop.

In ONE word I would sum up Beloit College as- “Unforgettable.”