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Buccaneer Spotlight-Katie McCool

October 12, 2011 at 10:43 am

Katie McCool

Katie McCool:   Alumni (Class of 2008)

Sport(s): Volleyball, Women’s Basketball

Warren, Illinois- Warren High School

Major: Applied Chemistry

Currently: University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy: graduating in May 2012 with my PharmD.

How did you find out about Beloit? Did you know a lot about Beloit when you first visited campus?

“I was at a team basketball camp in Wisconsin and was approached by one of the assistant basketball coaches at the time. Although my hometown is only about an hour away, I did not know much about Beloit College. Subsequently, both volleyball and basketball coaching staff and players continued to maintain contact with me via written letters. I later made my first visit to Beloit in the fall during homecoming and scrimmaged with the volleyball team.”

We are focusing a lot on Liberal Arts in Practice at Beloit; so as part of what you practice(d) name one aspect that you took away(will take) from being a Beloit student-athlete that you use in your everyday life.

“I believe that athletics are multi-disciplinary, and with that I can honestly say I use many aspects of my time as a student athlete on a daily basis. Time management and communication skills are probably two of the most important things I continue to utilize every day. My liberal arts education at Beloit becomes more valuable to me each and every day and being a student-athlete has helped me to be very successful in many different aspects of my life.”

What (if any) accolades did you receive (Academically/Athletically) while being a student-athlete?

Overall: Jansen Junior Student-Athlete of the Year, Ed DeGeorge Service and Scholar-Athlete Award, Ruth C. Peterson Award, Blanket Award, Academic All-Conference

Volleyball: Captain (2 years), Most Valuable Player, Offensive Player of the Year, Midwest Conference Player of the Week, Varsity Letter (4 years), 1st Team All-Conference (3 years)

                Records (first): 

                Season: Hitting %, Kills per set, kills, blocks per set

                Career:  Kills, Block Assists

Basketball: Captain (2 years), Most Valuable Player, Most Improved, Midwest Conference Player of the Week, Varsity Letter (4 years), 1st Team All-Conference, 2nd Team All-Conference

If you could name one class or professor (mentor) that really meant something to you while at Beloit, who or what would that be?

“Brock Spencer.  Not only was he my chemistry advisor, but he was also a frequent fan in the stands.  Brock was my first chemistry professor at Beloit College, and I always seem to run into him whenever I am back on campus!  However, all Beloit College faculty/staff were very supportive in the involvement of the students.  I know countless faculty and staff who were regulars at many of my games and some of them were even the loudest cheerleaders!  The close-knit community of the campus is something very special that spans beyond the court or classroom.”

Name one of the most rewarding experiences you took part in while at Beloit College?

“I think my entire freshman year experience as a part of the volleyball team was one of the most rewarding experiences.  Upon arriving to campus we embarked on a team-building retreat and became best friends from there on.  Our team was very involved both on and off campus.  We visited a local grade school and helped read with younger students or assisted with any of their work.  This was also the year that we turned the volleyball program.  Now speaking 7 years from then, I can still say that I am best friends with many of teammates.”

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? - Name a career goal/aspiration you strive for.

“In 5 years from now, I hope to be working as a clinical pharmacist somewhere in the Midwest.  I would also love to coach some volleyball if time allows (or at the very least, continue to play).  I hope to maintain my friendships with old college friends and will continue to reminisce about old times at Beloit College.”

“In ONE word I would sum up Beloit College as- Develop.”