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Athletic Training-Strength & Conditioning

Beloit College Athletics Department Strength and Condition Program

This program is offered by the strength and conditioning coaches at Beloit College for all of our NCAA athletes. The goal of this program was to offer a comprehensive, periodized program with an emphasis on speed and power development. The links below are PDF documents that can be downloaded or printed. There is a complete document and also individual downloads for each phase. There are also videos you can download for some of the plyometric movements. We hope you are as excited as we are to be here and build a program of success!


·         COMPLETE COMBINED PROGRAM (Includes all PDF’s from below)

·         Program Intro

·         Re-entry phase

·         Strength phase

·         Power phase

                   o   Ground based lines

                   o   Cone drills

                   o   Barrier jumping

                   o   Depth jumping

                   o   Shuttles & Conditioning

                   o   Box drills

·         Core explanations

·         Videos

                   o   Alternate leg push off

                   o   Box touches

                   o   Depth jump with lateral hop and forward sprint

                   o   Depth jump with lateral hop

                   o   Depth jump with lateral movement

                   o   Depth jump

                   o   Jump to box 1-foot

                   o   Jump to box 2-foot

                   o   Lateral box jump

                   o   Lateral push off