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Student-faculty publications

Peer-reviewed papers jointly authored by Beloit College Biology faculty members and students since 2008; student names in bold.

Krauss, N., and K. Yasukawa.  2013.  How do female red-winged blackbirds allocate food within broods?  Condor 115:198–208. 

Johnson, K. M. S., and J. C. Lownik.  2012.  Ipragliflozin, a sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitor for type 2 diabetes mellitus.  Thomson Reuters Cortellis [Online].

Bernath-Plaisted,J., and K. Yasukawa.  2011.  The effects of male alarm calling on nestling begging and female provisioning in red-winged blackbirds (Agelaius phoeniceus)Journal of Field Ornithology 82:394–404.

Grossman, Y. L., A. B. Berdanier, M. L. Custic, L. R. Feeley, S. F. Peake, A. J. Saenz, and K. S. Sitton.  2011.  Integrating photosynthesis, respiration, biomass partitioning, and plant growth: developing a Microsoft Excel®-based simulation model of Wisconsin Fast Plant (Brassica rapa, Brassicaceae) growth with undergraduate students.  Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena 6:295–313. 

Johnson, K. M. S., T. Farmer, K. Schurr, E. P. Donahue, B. Farmer, D. Neal, and A. D. Cherrington.  2011.  Endogenously released GLP-1 is not sufficient to alter postprandial glucose regulation in the dog.  Endocrine 39:229–234.

Johnson, K. M. S., and K. Schurr.  2011.  Sitagliptin: A DPP-4 inhibitor for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus.  Clinical Medical Insights: Therapeutics 3:81–92.

Yasukawa, K., L. K. Butler, and D. A. Enstrom.  2009.  Intersexual and intrasexual consequences of epaulet colour in male red-winged blackbirds: an experimental approach.  Animal Behaviour 77:531–540.

Yasukawa, K., J. Urish, A. Her, and E. Light.  2008.  Similarity in the begging calls of nestling red-winged blackbirds.  Journal of Field Ornithology 79:254–262.

Students have also presented their research findings at conferences and in The Beloit Biologist, our departmental journal.