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Marion Fass Courses

Marion Field Fass Courses

Biol 110 Human Biology

Biol 141 Microbiology

Biol 215 Emerging Infectious Diseases

HEAL 280: Special Topics, Global Health

Global health refers to health issues that transcend national borders, that are affected by trends in urbanization and globalization and are impacted by social factors as well as biological ones. In this time of great international collaborations to improve global health as outlined in the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations, we will look at expanding definitions, global data and local efforts to effect change.  We will analyze how problems are constructed by governments, NGOs and neighborhoods, and study how citizens can be empowered to make individual and collective changes to improve health.

This course will investigate  a range of issues including the global surge in diabetes, the challenge of fighting malnutrition, and UN treaties to reduce cigarette smoking.

Course work will build upon an understanding of the basic science of health and disease and the social organization of health care.  In order to better understand community based research, students will engage in a local health project, negotiating action with community stakeholders.

Soci 275 Health, Medical Care and Society

Proseminar: Health and Society

FYI leader

            2010: Epidemics

            2007: Slow Food:  Beloit College magazine, Summer 2008