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Beloit Block Courses

Immerse yourself in a Beloit Summer Block
Beloit College started offering Summer Block courses in 2012. The block format allows students and faculty to deeply explore a course topic in a way that is often not possible in the regular academic year when both students and faculty balance multiple classes and commitments. Students concentrate on one course for three weeks and earn 1.0 unit of credit.


2014 Courses
Dates: May 21- June 11

ANTH 375/CRIS 267: Thinking/Living Difference at Beloit
Faculty: Lisa Anderson-Levy

ART 280: Screenprinting
Faculty: Scott Espeseth

CRIS/IDST 252: Women's Health
Faculty:  Suzanne Cox and Laura Parmentier

ENG 223: Writing Wilderness
Faculty: Chris Fin

IDST 210: All About Apes
Faculty:  Kristen Bonnie

IDST 106/PHYS 201: Astronomy, Art and Archetypes
Faculty:  John Kaufmann

IDST 210: The Pacific War 1937-1945: An Interactive Approach
Faculty:  Pat Polley