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The Team


Trudy Pham 

Senior Manager 

Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam

Class of ‘14: Economics and Mathematics Double Major

During my time at Beloit College, in addition to being a member of Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, I have equipped myself with a broad range of skills through various internship and part-time employment experiences. I learned about real estates and small-firm culture at Hendricks Commercial Properties, LLC, Beloit; about financial accounting and corporate culture at Regal Beloit, Beloit; and about company-specific research at Fitzgerald Asset Management, LLC, Chicago. Upon graduation, my goal is to secure a job in the Finance sector and to obtain the CFA Charter credential.

[Mackenzie Endress] 

Mackenzie Endress 

Managing Analyst

Beloit, Wisconsin

Class of ‘14: Economics and Mathematics Major

I am a recent alumnus of the General Course study year abroad at the London School of Economics. Prior to my year abroad, I was Hypophetes, academic officer, at the Kappa Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon and Treasurer of the Beloit College Democrats. As a Ronald E. McNair Scholar, I am working on my third undergraduate research project and have presented my work at UC Berkeley. Upon graduation, I plan to pursue a PhD in economics and eventually employment in the private sector.

[Maddie Carpenter] 

Maddie Carpenter

Duluth, MN


Class of '15: Economics Major

I have spent my time at Beloit College thus far expanding my horizons both through academics as well as through extra-curricular and employment opportunities. I am currently serving as Financier of the Beloit Public Health Initiative and Treasurer of the Upsilon Chapter of Kappa Delta, and have been employed as a Delivery Analyst Intern at Netsmart Technologies as well as an Analyst Intern at the Beloit College Print Shop. These experiences have given me exposure to both corporate and non-profit culture, as well as given me the opportunity to develop skills obtained in the classroom within the work environment. Upon graduation, I hope to spend time in the non-profit sector before pursuing graduate studies in public policy.