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The Team

Hilary Walker, Co-Senior Manager
Class of '16: Economics

I have spent my time as a Beloit College student focusing on community engagement and expanding my quantitative/qualitative analytical skills. This past summer I worked for the Rogers Park Business Alliance, a non-profit organization in the northernmost neighborhood of Chicago that specializes in small business and community development. For two and a half years I have been the coordinator of the Turtle Tunes Music Program – a program that teaches string instrument lessons twice a week to third and fourth graders at Todd Elementary – and for one semester I was a Duffy intern with the Merrill Community Sharing Gardens.  Additionally, in the summer of 2014 I was privileged enough to have the opportunity work on a group research project that studied the sustainability of community-based tourism in Mai Chau, Vietnam. Upon graduating in May, I hope to pursue a career in either business consulting or urban development. My extra-curricular interests include soccer, biking, and violin. 

Hilary is originally from Columbus, OH. 

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Aidan Whinnery, Co-Senior Manager
Class of '16: Business Economics

The past three and a half years at Beloit College has been monumental in jump starting my career. Through various academic and extracurricular experiences I have been able to gain knowledge of many different subjects and increase my critical thinking skills. I am a Senior captain of the Men’s Lacrosse Team, Program Coordinator Intern at the Center for Entrepreneurship in Liberal Education at Beloit, and founding member and current Chief Marketing Officer of the Beloit Economics Club. These opportunities combined with being the Co-Senior Manager for Belmark have created more opportunities for me as I finish my college career. I have found out that market research is of high interest to me and is a subfield that I am fully looking into post college. Beloit College has cultivated me into a hard working, humble, attentive, and outgoing human being and I am forever grateful of that.

Aidan is originally from Middleton, WI. 

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Nicholas Yielding, Co-Senior Manager
Class of '16: Business Economics

During my time here at Beloit, I have been fortunate to have an incredible experience in both academics and extra-curricular activities. I have the privilege of being a member of the lacrosse team, but also have the ability to pursue my interests outside the classroom and off the field. In addition to my work with Belmark Associates, I am also a Program Coordinator Intern for the Center for Entrepreneurship in Liberal Education at Beloit, helping the Center to further develop and refine the program. I have also been able to further apply my academic learning to a professional setting through my work with Hendricks Commercial Properties as a Duffy Partnership Intern, allowing me to gain an understanding of commercial real estate operations. Additionally, I interned with Northwestern Mutual as a Financial Representative Intern during the summer between my junior and senior year, working with personal financing and sales. I am also a member of the Beloit Economics Club. Upon my graduation in May 2016, I hope to pursue an interest in the business of professional sports, or work in business or financial analysis.

Nicholas Yielding is originally from Channahon, IL. 

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Maddie Carpenter, Co-Senior Manager
Class of 2014, Economics Major

I have spent my time at Beloit College thus far expanding my horizons both through academics as well as through extra-curricular and employment opportunities. I am currently serving as Financier of the Beloit Public Health Initiative and VP-Finance of the Upsilon Chapter of Kappa Delta, and have been employed as a Fixed Income Investment Intern at Aberdeen Asset Management, as well as an Strategic Analyst Intern at the Center for Entrepreneurship in Liberal Education at Beloit. These experiences have given me necessary exposure to corporate culture and the applications of academic and classroom skills in alternate environments, and have taught me the importance of adaptability that is inherent to a liberal arts background. Upon graduation in December, I hope to pursue a career in Finance, though I look to continue to learn about all the field offers before solidifying a subsection in which to focus.

Maddie is originally from Duluth, MN and is now a Graduate Business Analyst at Aberdeen Asset Management in Philadelphia, PA.

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Maggie Cress, Co-Senior Manager
Class of '15: International Political Economy and Sociology Double Major

As a senior economics and sociology double major, I have had the opportunity to work with amazing professors and classmates who have sparked my interest in both quantitative and qualitative research. I have had the opportunity to work on research projects both on campus and in Vietnam, in addition to my work with Belmark Associates. I have been able to gain further professional experience as a Senior Intern for the Admissions office and as a Duffy Partnerships Intern at the Rock County Council on Aging. Upon my graduation in May, I hope to continue my passion for research.  My other interests on campus include Cross Country, Track, and programming for the Beloit College radio station, WBCR.

Maggie is originally from Gunnison, CO and is now works for RTI International in Raleigh, NC.

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Dongping (Sunny) Jing, Co-Senior Manager
Class of ’15: Economics and International Relations Double Major

My education at Beloit College for the past three years has been enriched by intensive academic works and challenging research and working experiences. I worked full-time at the Cato Institute as a research assistant intern during my junior year vocation term, and spent the past summer with the Financial Market Working Group at Mercatus Center as a research intern. These research experiences have practiced my skills of quantitative and qualitative research, given me the opportunity to apply academic learnings to office-setting environment, and led me to discover my passions in Economics research. Currently, I work at the International Admissions Office as a Senior Intern. Upon my graduation in May 2015, I hope to pursue a PhD degree in Financial Economics or Macroeconomics.

Dongping is originally from Tianjin, China and is now a Finance Analyst at Regal Beloit in Beloit, WI. 

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