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Previous Projects

Investment in mutual funds: Using regression and ratio analysis

Client: Former Belmark Alum

June 2013 – July 2013

Combining advanced regression techniques and investment ratio analysis, this project examined the trend in returns of some mutual funds in an attempt to draw the connection between the investment returns and certain standard industry benchmarks. This aimed to provide clients with better understanding of factor crucial to funds' performance. 

* Due to confidentiality issue, detailed descriptions have been omitted.

Focus Group & Survey Analysis - Testing a new product

Client:Brewery Firm

February 2013 – April 2013

Using pertinent market research methods most importantly focus group and surveying, this project evaluates consumer behavior and information as to how different demographic groups interact with a new beverage product to aid clients in their business decision. 

* Due to confidentiality issue, detailed descriptions have been omitted.

Digital First Impressions: Viewing the School District of Beloit from the ‘Outside’

Client: School District of Beloit

April 2013 – May 2013

This project assessed perceptions of the Beloit School District within a variety of cohorts in the community. Methods in surveying and focus grouping resulted in a report meant to present subjective and objective analyses of the Beloit School District on both comparative and segmented, school-by-school within the District, bases.

* Due to confidentiality issue, detailed descriptions have been omitted.

Got Art! - A thorough market analysis

Client: Friends of Riverfront

June 2013 – July 2013

This report presented a market analysis of Got Art!, a 10-day long art event took place in downtown Beloit in June 2013, to help Friends of Riverfront to assess the impacts of the event for Beloit. The final report was supported by substantial demographic study of Got Art!'s attendees, count and traffic flow analysis for each event. 

* Due to confidentiality issue, detailed descriptions have been omitted.

Touchstone Strategic Income Fund

Client: Former Belmark Alum

Description: We are testing the hypothesis whether there is significant relationship (statically speaking) between the Touchstone Strategic Income Fund and given indices.
Findings: The given indices do exhibit statistically significant influence on the Touchstone Strategic Income Fund Belmark asserts that the varying passing failing of the different indices might be due to changes in indices composition over time by fund managers in response to varying market oscillations.

Beloit, WI 10-Mile City: Understanding the Market

Client: Department of Economics & Beloit City Center Group

Description: This is a report through qualitative and quantitative analysis Belmark Associates sheds light on the currently elusive concept of a 10-mile radius Beloit city trade area. Through the use of survey data, focus group information, and geo-spatial locators this report gives a multi-layered approach in providing insight to the size and characteristics of the Beloit market.

Life and Financial Planning

Client: Department of Economics

Description: The Life and Financial Planning (LFP) survey polled opinion from outgoing college seniors. The survey spanned over two primary sections; the first, served as an indirect measure of students; financial literacy, and the other a direct measure of students’ financial literacy by asking them to perform certain mental calculations. The aim of the survey would aid in determining a structure of the LFP workshop.
Findings: Respondents knowledge can most frequently be classified as “poor.” Respondents report that a primary amount of that knowledge comes from home (learning from parents) and work (learning on the job), but not from the classroom. There was a general worry and fear in respect to future, indicating that seniors with loans and other personal liabilities may not be sufficiently aware of how to manage personal finances.

Beloit, WI Farmers Market Data Collection

Client: Department of Economics

Description: The Department of Economics hired Belmark Associates to count the number of people that attend the Beloit Farmers Market. Belmark Associates also designed and administered surveys at this event. The purpose of the survey was to find out how far people are traveling to attend the Farmers Market, what types of people attend, and what the best way to communicate to them is. This project will help the Downtown Beloit Association better understand one of its most popular events.

Renewable Energy Credits

Client: Global Infrastructure Asset Management LLC

Description: Belmark was approached by Global Infrastructure Asset Management LLC and asked to conduct market research on the renewable energy credits in eight different states in the United States. The research covered aspects such as the general background information about the renewable energy in the United States, legal compliance of the credits in each state, the current amount of credits in each state, each state’s benchmark, the components of the credits, and the future projection.

SAS Programming Language Conversion

Client: Department of Economics

Description: The Economics Department hired Belmark Associates to aid the Econometrics course in converting a collection of teaching materials written in Minitab to SAS programming language.>

Beloit, WI Local Demographic Information

Client: Department of Economics

Description: Belmark compiled, sorted, and visualized local Beloit demographic data related to public finance.