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Items to complete and return are listed first.  Items just for your information follow.  Keep scrolling.  As you work through this checklist, refer to Becoming a Beloiter: The Guide, which you received by mail.  If you have questions, contact the Admissions Office.         

You can probably check the first few items off your list already, so you’re off to a great start! 

□  Residence Hall Agreement and Placement Questionnaire
Instructions were sent in your admission packet, with a due date on or before your date of deposit.
Office of Residential Life

□  FYI Registration (first-year students only) NOTE: FYI PRE-REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED.
Information was sent by mail, with registration due when you deposited.  It’s all online.
Office of Admissions

□  Join the Beloit College Class of 2017 group on Facebook! (transfer and exchange students also welcome)     

□  Make the Terrarium your homepage.
Here you will find links to email, the Portal, Moodle, updates on campus events, and more.   

□  Activate Beloit College email account
Your username and password were sent by mail with Becoming a Beloiter: The Guide (look in the front pocket).
Questions?  Contact
Information Technology

□  AP/IB/GCE A-Level/College Transfer credit reporting. Send your final transcript as soon as possible.
Office of Admissions

□  New Student Days Common Reading and Study Questions
Behind the Beautiful Forevers
by Katherine Boo was sent to you by mail, along with Becoming a Beloiter: The Guide.  This is summer homework for all new students.
Initiatives Program

□  Admitted Student Questionnaire (first-year degree-seeking students only)
Log in information was recently sent to you by email.  Use your student ID number and Password: TURTLE. Complete the form online by June 15.                 

□  Health Forms
The health forms were sent to you by mail with your admit packet, but you can also find the PDFs online.  They’re due July 15.
Submit to Health Center   

  Log in to the Portal to complete the forms listed below (they’re all due by July 15).
Click on "the Portal" button and sign in with your Beloit username and password (same as you use for email).
Contact Information Technology.

     □  Advisor Questionnaire (allow 30-45 minutes to complete)
Click the "Advising" tab at the top to find the form.

     □  Emergency Contact Information

     □  FERPA Release Form authorizing release/disclose of financial aid, billing, and/or tax info to designated individuals.  This form was sent to you by mail (also available via the Portal). Return it by August 15.

     □  Flight Arrival Information (if applicable)

     □  International Student  Arrival Information
Click on the "Student Life" tab to find the links to the emergency contact and flight arrival forms.

Hometown News and Photo Opt-Out Form
Communications & Marketing Office

□  New Student Days T-Shirt Order Form (optional)
Order needs to be submitted by July 15.
Student Engagement and Leadership

□  Athletics Medical Forms (varsity athletes only)
You will receive more information from your coach and our athletic trainer, but the deadline for submitting these online forms is July 15.          

 □  PLUS Loan Application (if applicable/domestic students only)
Applications may be completed any time after May 1 and are due July 30.
Office of Admissions & Financial Aid

□  Federal Loan Processing: Complete loan counseling and Master Promissory Note (if applicable/domestic students only)
You will receive information in mid-June.  Forms are completed online and due July 30.
Office of Admissions & Financial Aid

□  Sexual Assault Awareness Tutorial
Log in on or after June 1.  Be sure to complete this tutorial by August 5.  It will take about 2 hours.
Dean of Student’s Office

□  Health Insurance
- Domestic students: Health insurance through Beloit College is optional.  You will receive information directly from SAS in July.  Subscribe by August 1.
- International students: Health insurance coverage is automatic and mandatory.  You will be billed.
Dean of Students Office

▪  Expect to receive an email message with the following from the Office of Residential Life by July 15:
       ▪ Residence Hall Room Assignment
       ▪ Campus Mailbox Assignment
       ▪ Refrigerator/Microwave Rental

▪  Billing Statement
Your bill will be sent by mail on June 14.

     □  Payment due by August 9.
      Accounting Office                           

     □  Payment Plan (optional)
     Enroll online with Tuition Management Systems.
      Accounting Office                                           

     ▪  Wire Transfer Instructions (information only)

□  Student Employment Assignment (if student employment is part of your financial aid award)
Your work opportunity and more information about the hiring process will be sent to you by email in early August.
Office of Admissions & Financial Aid

▪ Vehicle/Bike Registration
Bringing a vehicle is not recommended.  Bike/vehicle registration is completed online when you arrive on campus.
Security & Safety Office

Student Direct Deposit Authorization
You will complete this form when you arrive on campus.

Bring the following to campus (original documents, not copies):

                □  A voided check

                □  U.S. Passport or Permanent Resident Card (unexpired)

                or  Driver’s license AND Social Security card or birth certificate
Human Resources


HELPFUL LINKS (information only)

Becoming a Beloiter: The Guide                             

Admissions Counselor  Connect by email or phone

Academic Calendar                                                     


Course Catalog                                                                      

Course Schedule  

Disability Support Services                                       

Financial Aid                                   

Fields of Study                                                                              

Health Center                                                               

Local Banks, Stores, Pharmacies, Etc.                  

Orientation Schedule                                                

Student Handbook     

Summer Bridge Program (by invitation to eligible students)


Visit Beloit (Visitor’s Bureau) Homepage

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