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The Beloit College Digital Student Collections contain a variety of works created by current Beloit students and alumni. Throughout the academic year, students are presented with a host of opportunities to create and share research projects, art work, papers, and other original products. For many students, these works serve as capstone projects or senior theses. For others, the projects are the result of independent studies or experiences abroad. These digital collections are a primary means of preserving and disseminating the expanding body of student-created work. Although each of the featured works has been preselected on the basis of academic merit, submission to the digital archives is a voluntary process. Watch for the addition of new collections as this repository grows into a hub of academic creativity and ingenuity for the Beloit College community.

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The Student Symposium collection houses copies of original student research presented at the annual Student Symposium Day. Each academic year, approximately fifty students are given the opportunity to present their work to the Beloit College community. Students work with a variety of professionals at Beloit College and beyond during the course of their studies. The Student Symposium experience helps to equip the selected students with the background needed to excel in graduate and post-graduate research environments.

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Each semester, Beloit students studying abroad are invited to submit photographs to the Office of International Education (OIE) photograph contests. The winners and runners-up from each contest are added to the digital collection. These photographs capture emotional scenes from around the world in stunningly vivid detail. Display images in this collection are created using the highest quality compression ratios possible to preserve details of the original photographs from which they are derived. As of the Fall 2009 contest, entries from faculty and staff are also included in the collection.

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