Logan African Expeditions

In 1930, the Logan Museum of Anthropology conducted its fifth and final year of fieldwork in northern Africa under the leadership of Alonzo W. Pond, class of 1918.  These expeditions resulted in the acquisition of numerous archaeological and ethnographic objects that can be found in the Logan Museum today.  The expeditions generated a great deal of interest around campus as evidenced by numerous articles in the college newspaper, The Round Table.  This collection contains many of these articles, as well as photographs taken by expedition members (including Alonzo Pond himself), contemporary postcards, and various ephemera, some of which relate to a 1985 reunion of the 1930 expedition team.  To see artifacts gathered during the Logan Saharan expeditions, please visit the Franco-American Logan-Saharan Expedition collection.  To locate material in the library collections related to the expeditions, try searching for "Pond, Alonzo" in the library catalog, Belcat.


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Special thanks to library student assistants Liz Levy and Janelle Cox and Logan Museum student assistant Molly McCracken for their invaluable contributions to this collection.