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Selected Subject Headings (D-L)

Dance 1913, 1939-2008. Chelonia, Orchesis, Terrapin. Programs, flyers, posters, and invitations for various dance performances, news articles, clippings, press releases
Day Care Center --
Dean of Chapel --
Deeds Abstracts, financial reports, early college site deals and Illinois deals
Delian Society 1860-1906 constitution, bylaws and records. See Forensics.
Delta Sigma Rho See Fraternities
Development Fund-raising and endowment materials
Directories Student, Faculty and Staff 1906-present
Eaton Chapel See Buildings
Economics Department --
Education Department Handbooks and teacher's education at Beloit, late 1960s-mid 1970s and article from 1850, Connections newsletter, departmental literature, Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)
Educational Development Program (EDP) (former name for Student Support Services)
Emeritus --
Employees --
Endowed Chairs --
Engineering Program --
English Department Departmental literature, newsletters, Mackey Chair Inventory, English Club. 1850-1855, 1902-1996
EnvironVan Reports, schedule, schools visited, trips, photos and brochures
Events Scheduling Guidelines Schedules, guidelines
Executives in Residence Press releases, memos, brochure
Faculty Women's Club (1930s - 1980s), committee reports, clubs, conferences, wages and benefits, minutes (1945-1970) handbooks, awards, Faculty Forum, and Faculty and Alumni Club
Field and Career Services (FACS) in the Liberal Arts in Practice Center Newsletters, correspondence, articles, event flyers, internship and career counseling brochures. Circa 1975-2008
Films Booklets (1978-1995), calendars, festivals, flyers, and programs
Finances Ledger of accounts of Beloit College 1840-1852
Financial Aid Brochures, articles, memos, Moral Obligation Scholarship, work study. 1916-1993
Financial Correspondence Deeds, mortgages, notes from late 19th century
Folk and Blues Posters, artist listing, flyers, photos , information on the artists, publications, news clippings, finances, committee notes, t-shirt designs, and other logistical documents. 1970-2003.
Food Service Dining News, flyers, coupons
Foreign Exchange --
Foreign Languages --
Forensics 1848-1956, 1981-1982 (bulk 1850-1916). Debate and oration programs, prize declamation programs (including the Rice Prize), group record books, meeting minutes, public meeting notices, constitutions and by-laws, published versions of speeches
Founders' Day Service Programs, brochures
Founding Conventions Roster, minutes and papers. 1841-1870
Fraternities Alpha Sigma Tau, Beta Theta Pi, Delta Delta Delta, Delta Gamma, Delta Phi Upsilon, Delta Psi Delta, Delta Tau Rho, Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Delta, Phi Kappa Psi, Pi Beta Phi, Pi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Chi, Sigma Pi, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Tau Rho, Theta Pi Gamma, and Zeta Kappa Zeta. [Songbooks, scrapbooks minutes and misc.]
French Club House Flyers
Geology Department Keck Research Symposium in Geology, Crinoid collection, history, field trips, geology field trip booklets w/ maps. 1960s-present
Girls Glee Club --
Gold Circle --
Gold Key --
Greek Plays Programs, articles and notes. See also Theatre.
Handbooks 1887-2007 student handbooks, academic regulations, activities calendar
Health Services publications distributed by Beloit College’s Health Services (aka Health and Wellness Center). Pamphlets, brochures, memoranda, flyers, official newsletters (Health Center News). 1929-2004
High Potential Education Program CHRON file and proposals 1969-1972
High Schools --
Historical Accounts of the College Circulars, letters, newspaper clippings, publications, student papers, speeches, and other documents from different years.
Historical Marker --
History Department Departmental literature, newsletters. circa 1960, 1982-1995
Honor System Articles, correspondence, and meetings minutes regarding cheating, Honor Code, reactions to the handling of honor and morality at the College. Brief histories of the Honor System and Honor Code. 1865-1959, 1985-1987
Honors Day Academic Honors Day Convocations (aka Recognition Day) programs since 1943, correspondence, press releases, and other materials discussing nominees, awards budgets, the awards and their recipients.
Honorary Degrees Listings by each year issued as well as alphabetically
Humor Amusing news clippings, correspondence, photos
Inaugurations Programs and speeches. 1850-2000
Independent Student Association 1953-1961 History and Scrapbook
Indian Mounds Correspondence, journal articles, student reports, maps, pamphlets. 1857-2005
Indian Students Pamphlets, letters, individual students information, training schools, mission meetings, vouchers and Indian Experience. 1857-2005, bulk 1883-1884
Information Services Correspondence 1953-1962
Interstate Oratorical Contest 1895-1931 and records from 1886-1911
Institute at Beloit Records of students, faculty, and the College's involvement. Photocopies of articles, brochures. 1980-1981
Institutional Research NCA surveys, reports, self-studies, handbooks 1960s-1980s, College Examiner, "Trends and Issues," "Renewal Admidst Stability". 1956-2000
International Beloit and China Correspondence with various universities, articles, survey responses, papers and history
International Club Programs from 1886-1911
International Relations Club --
International Students Articles, Chinese students, missionaries, listings by specific country
Junior Exhibition Event programs from the 1850s to the 1890s, transcripts of other programs, correspondence, and relevant faculty meeting minutes. 1854-1893
Language Program (Ten Day and Freshman) See New Student Days
Latin@s at Beloit Articles and correspondence, clubs and organizations, oral histories. 1998-ongoing
Lectures --
Library Founding, renovation, history, Dean's files, publications, budget, collection listing 1860s-2000s
Lincoln and Beloit Correspondence, transcripts of correspondence, articles. 1893-1957
Logan Museum Correspondence, photos, inventory and exhibits, Logan Museum Bulletin, Logan Letter, renovation records, budgets and grant info, promotional materials, other publications, anthropology department and museum studies info. 1881-ongoing

    Selected Subject Headings

  • A-C: Academic to Curriculum
  • D-L: Dance to Logan
  • M-R: Madeline to Rules
  • S-Z: Sabbatical to YMCA