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Archival Collections

[Roy Chapman Andrews]Alumni and Faculty Files
Biographies, articles, and Archives holdings on Beloit's distinguished faculty and alumni.




[Martha Peterson]Presidents' Files
Abbreviated lists of collections on each Beloit president, including letters, books, clippings, photographs, and more.




[The Codex 1890]Publications
Works and writings from both students and the college's administrative offices.




[Handbill September 1864]The Civil War at Beloit
A special online collection of documents relating to Beloit's contributions to the Civil War, including reminiscences, articles, letters, and a diary.



[My Travels Abroad Diary Cover]Diaries
A list of diaries and reminiscences from Beloit alumni and faculty about their time spent here and abroad. The College Archives also holds a collection of published diaries and journals, searchable via BelCat.




[Scoville 1]Beloit Academy
Preparatory School for men from 1849 to 1909; includes the registers of students as well as a listing of faculty and instructors.



[Smith Observatory.jpg]Photograph Collection
A list of all folder titles in the Beloit College Archives photograph collection.



Selected Subject Headings
Brief summaries, finding aids, and inventories of material available in the Archives' stacks.

  • A-C: Academic to Curriculum
  • D-L: Dance to Logan
  • M-R: Madeline to Rules
  • S-Z: Scholarships to YMCA