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Honors Theses: Archive from 1978-2014

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Kendall, Elsa


Rankin, Caitlin G. 


  Klein, Joseph R.

Do You Like Me? College Students' Concept of Self on Facebook


Site Catchment Analysis of Broken Kettle West (13PM25) and Broken Kettle (13PM1)


Flexible Apes: Orangutans and the Remaking of Environmental Governance in North Sumatra, Indonesia

Brinkmeier, Jennifer
Cauthers-Knox, Aurora
Williams, Michael
Anthropomorphism and Pet Obesity in America
The Pre-Clovis Debate: An Ethnographic Study of the Effect of Controversy on Archaeologists
Making Makers: Masculinity and Making
2011 Cooper, Catherine Glass Dating: Diagnostic Uses of 17th Century Archaeological Window Glass
2011 Koenig, Eric Patterns of Ceramic Deposition and Activity Areas: A Micro-scale Analysis of Structure M-184A at Baking Pot, Belize
2011 Makarewicz, Elizabeth The Language of the Slow Food Movement: Accessing Ideology
2011 Walsh-Felz, A.A. Puzzling out Migration in the Andes of Ecuador: Geographical Information Systems (GIS) as an Enrichments Tool for Ethnographic Research
2010 Singleton, Katie Investigating the Link between Spinal Column Morphology and Locomotion Pattern in Primates
2010 Weyl, Daniel Where is Home and How Can I Help You? Anthropological Insight into Iraqi Refugees' Resettlement
2009 Bowers, Veronica An Examination of a Trephinated Skull from Peru
2008 Henry, C. Shea  Cow, Pigs, Cats and Yankees: Archaeological Evidence for Animan Use and Disposal in 1850's Beloit, Wisconsin
2008 Kellogg, Susanna Mongolian Pastoralism in the 21st Century: Herder Sustainability through Herding Cooperatives
2008 Schaffnit, Susan The End of Objectivity: The Application of Anthropology to Human Rights
2008 Schwartz, Saul Iowaville in Perspectives: Expansive Ethnohistory at an Ioway Indian Village
2008 Smith, Marissa Between Boas and Marx, Culture and Class: The Ethnography of Vladimir Bogoraz
2007 Hoover, Alexandra Grafitti as Textured Landscape: The Cultural Construction and Neglect of Context
2007 Lanni, Carolyn Teaching Hongkongese: Education and Identity in Hong Kong
2005 Bey, Marin J. The Beloit College Mound Group
2005 Kassabaum, Megan Crandal In the Pipe Line: An Examination of the Importance of the Lower Rock River Valley in Hopewell Trade Interactions
2005 Macke, Rebecca A. Analysis of Human Remains from Florida Coastal Sites:  The Lockwood-Card Collection
2004 Burt, Nicole Working for the Dead, Caring for the Living: My Time at the Rock County Coroner's Office
2004 Buzzard, Christy Fair Trade in the United States: What Can We Learn from Europe?
2004 Coleman, Courtney Bovine Tuberculosis in Maasai Communities of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area
2004 Hildebrant, Emily Pioneer Archaeological Excavation: The Greenshield Site (32OL17)
2004 Smolik, Linda Attest to the Shriek: Moroccan Literature as a Criticism of Society, Represented by Authors from Fes and Marrakech
2003 Snell, Ally Native Tongues: Connections Between Language and Culture Among the Menominee
2003 Timm, Mary Elisabeth My Internship with Jatun Sacha, A Brief Study of a Quichua Community
2003 White, Chantel Epipaleolithic Stone Tool Use: Microwear and Compositional Analyses of Capsian Microblades in the Logan Museum Collection
2002 Adelsberger, Katie Stone Tools and Hominid Behavior
2002 Burns, Joshua Logan The Senpai/Kohai Relationship: Observations at the Kansai Gaidai University Karate Club
2002 Hubbard, Amelia R. Sacrificing the Living to Protect Our Past: The Future of the Maasai of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area
2002 Truesdell, Nicole Homicide Investigation: Role of the Forensic Anthropologist
1994 Cohen, Allison L. Family Planning and AIDS Prevention Initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Sociocultural Matrix of Failure and Success
1990 Bornstein, Avram S. Cultural Meaning and Social Conflict in Israel
1990 Constantine, Joy M. Social Identity Among Soviet Jewish Immigrants: Restrictions and Opportunities in Ethnic Identity Selection
1990 Martin, Lauren E. Sociocultural Factors and Fertility Among Urban West African Women: A Preliminary Study
1990 Tucker, Erica L. Myth and Manipulation: The Maintenance of Gypsy Identity
1989 Martin, Lauren E. The Development of Feminist Anthropology
1989 Mickelson, Andrew M. The Development of Ethics in Contemporary Socio-Cultural Anthropology: The Thailand Controversy Examinied
1988 Bassler, Karen J. Human Group Dynamics: An Observational Study
1987 Helfand, Rachel The Meaning and Role of Christianity in the Lives of Twelve Lutheran Women
1986 Gartner, William G. Evidence for Metallurgical Activity in the Colca Valley, Peru
1986 Kivikko, Renee Models of Agricultural Technology Adoption
1986 Picard, Claire M. Ethnopoetics, What is it?
1986 Raleigh, Charles P. Analysis of the 1591 Colca Valley, Peru, Census
1986 Russell, Nichola M. Wife Abuse: A Cultural Analysis
1984 Kerr, Laura T. The Question of "Women's Language": A Social Structural Analysis
1982 Mason, Keith The Kachin of Upper Burma: A Structural Materialist Reinterpretation
1981 Metcalf, Lois L. Life Among the Savages: A Study of Freshman Interaction and Friendship in a College Dormitory
1981 Pelissier-Wynns, Catherine Field Study of a Transitional-House for Juvenile Delinquents
1979 Montvel-Cohen, Tom The Rastafari: "I Head Rest with Jah"
1978 Bausum, Ann Appalachian English in Rockbridge County, Virginia