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American Studies

American Studies is an interdisciplinary field of inquiry characterized by continuous growth and change. Once a combined study of American literature and history, American Studies now draws upon the methodologies of a variety of disciplines to create a multi-focused perspective on the pluralities of American life. The current cultural construction of the United States and the ongoing debate about what comprises "America," "North America" and "the Americas" broadens the field even further.

The American studies program at Beloit (AMST) allows students to explore representative elements and diverse definitions of the American experience as they complete general and degree requirements. Students in the program may take courses with American studies content in departments throughout the College.

All American studies minors are self-designed. In collaboration with the American studies advisor and others, students choose a program of interrelated 1) core, 2) concentration, and 3) capstone courses or projects which together promote a coherent understanding of aspects of American life.