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Alumni Directory 2010/2011 Project

Beloit College is partnering with Publishing Concepts, Inc. (PCI) to produce a printed alumni directory that will be released in 2011. The process of contacting alumni and updating their records will begin in September 2010. You will be asked to contact PCI at 1-866-711-4720 at your convenience.

1. Why do I need to update my information?

    • Help you and your classmates stay connected.
      • Information changes! Mailing addresses, email addresses, children...information changes so quickly. This is a great way to help Beloit College ensure that your information is 100% up to date.
        • The 2011 printed Alumni Directory will be a permanent record indicating who attended the College and where alumni are in the world as of 2011. Don’t miss this opportunity to update your information for the record.

          2. What questions will I be asked when I call to update my information?

          You will be asked the following questions:

            • Full Name
            • Maiden Name
            • Professional suffix
            • Nickname or name you preferred to be called
            • Preferred Class Year
            • Home address
            • Home phone
            • Cell phone
            • Home Fax
            • Preferred email
            • Job title
            • Company
            • Business Address
            • Business email
            • Business phone
            • List of any other post graduate degrees you have received (school, degree, and date received)
            • Family members 
            • Favorite professor(s)
            • Would you like to purchase the 2011 Alumni Directory.

              3. What are my options for purchasing a 2011 Beloit College Alumni Directory from PCI?

              There are several options:

                • Pride of Alumni Collection, including:
                  Printed alumni directory
                  CD Rom alumni directory
                  Professional pad folio
                  Insulated travel mug
                  Ballpoint pen
                  Alumni key chain
                  Alumni decal
                  Companion airline ticket
                • Value Package
                  Printed alumni directory
                  CD Rom alumni directory
                  Companion airline ticket
                • Printed alumni directory only
                • CD Rom alumni directory only

                  4. Why is Beloit using an outside contractor to complete this project?

                  With the limited resources of a small Office of Alumni Affairs, Beloit College needs to use a professional company to ensure the Directory is complete, accurate and completed on time.

                  5. When will the 2011 Alumni Directory be complete?

                  The Directory will be completed and printed in the fall of 2011. Only the number of Directories that have been requested by Alumni will be printed to be cost efficient and environmentally friendly.

                  6. Is there an environmentally friendly version of the alumni directory?

                  Yes, Alumni may purchase a CD ROM of the Alumni Directory.

                  7. Can I choose what information is listed in the directory?

                  Yes.  As a standard, the following information will be printed in the Directory:

                  • Full name including your surname at Beloit College - if different from your current last name
                  • Class Year
                  • Home mailing address
                  • Preferred email address
                  • Degrees received from Beloit and other institutions
                  • Job title and company

                  If you wish not to have certain information printed in the directory, you may choose to have specific details omitted.

                  8. Why can I only update my information by calling a telephone number and speaking with a telemarketer?

                  Currently, this is the preferred method for PCI. Beloit College is working with PCI to create an on-line version for our Alumni. Information will be posted as soon as it is available.

                  9. Who will have access to my information?

                  The names, addresses and information provided to PCI for the publication of the Directory will be held confidential by PCI, except to the extent that they are utilized in, or in the preparation of, the Directory and except as required by court order or law.

                  The Directory will be made available only to Beloit alumni listed in the Directory. Upon completion of the project, PCI will return to Beloit College any and all electronic files that have been supplied by Client or produced by PCI in connection with the production of the Directory.

                  10. Who at Beloit College should I contact if I have additional questions?

                  Please contact the Office of Alumni Affairs at 800.331.4943 or

                  11. About PCI

                  Who is PCI? 

                  PCI is a company that creates and publishes alumni directories for educational institutions. PCI’s products help Colleges and Universities update alumni information for the purpose of encouraging alumni engagement.

                  What does PCI offer? 

                  PCI offers two types of customized products and expert services: 

                    • PCI publishes printed alumni directories
                    • PCI offers SPARK™, featuring a combination of best-in-class online community software and online marketing/management services.      

                      How long has PCI been in business?

                      PCI traces its roots back over 85 years to the Rockwell F. Clancy Company, the nation's first publisher of alumni directories. PCI has been incorporated under the PCI (Publishing Concepts) name since 1982 and are a privately-held, family-run business.

                      On what market(s) is PCI focused? 

                      PCI works with alumni and development offices of universities, colleges, professional schools, independent schools, alumni associations, fraternities and sororities.

                      Who are some of the PCI clients?

                      PCI partners with 17 of the top 25 universities as rated by US News and World Report including Princeton, Harvard and Georgetown.

                      Where is PCI located?

                      PCI is located in Dallas, TX.