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Alert Slips

The Beloit College alert slip system provides a support network for the students. Besides providing essential, specific feedback to students, it also "alerts" advisors to students who may benefit from a conversation, attention, and/or referral to college services.

Alert slips notify students, in writing, of desired areas of improvement (e.g. class absences or tardiness, missing assignments, lack of preparation for class).  Alert slips are a notice to the student, with copies to the student's advisor(s) and other staff working with the student.

The Assistant Dean of Students/Director of the Learning Enrichment and Disability Services Office coordinates the alert slip system.  To submit an alert, log on to WebAdvisor, click on the "Faculty" button and find the link to the "Create and Submit an Academic Alert Slip" in the lower left hand corner under the heading "Faculty Information."  Once you provide the information and submit it, it is automatically and immediately sent to the student's email address, the student's advisor(s), the Learning Enrichment and Disability Services Office, and back to you.  You may still request an electronic version of the alert slips (keep a copy for your file) or simply send an email to the student and copy it to and yourself (please note on it that it is to be considered an alert slip).  Paper forms are no longer used.

Faculty are encouraged to use alert slips for any concerns that they have as soon as they have them. If a student receives more than one alert slip, a designated student affairs staff member (in addition to the student's academic advisor) will pursue the student in hopes of discussing and remedying the situation, if possible, and making referrals and/or advising when appropriate.


New students tend to not have a clear perception about their performance in a class and often the alert slip is the feedback that they need to improve their performance.  Often, a verbal conversation, even when the faculty member is very clear, does not have the same impact as a written comment.  Therefore it is imperative that all faculty use alert slips.

Advisors are strongly encouraged to discuss each alert slip with your advisee. Alert slips are filed in the student's permanent file.