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Beloit College

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Connie - Milwaukee, Wisconsin Coming from the East Coast originally, Beloit truly changed my life. I was able to develop incredible leadership skills, learn in a completely different way, and make friendships and connections that will last. I thank Beloit and my double major every day for changing my perspective not only on the world but on myself.

Deborah - Widnes, England

There are no guarantees in life regarding employment or health. Having faced challenges and obstacles in both these areas, I know that the holistic and attentive Beloit education I received fostered in me the...

Jill - Hudson, MA

As a Rotary International Exchange Student living in Kurume, Japan in 1976 I met a Beloit College alum named Richard Lyons studying there, I seem to recall, on a Fulbright Fellowship. His willingness to...

Chris - Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic

I wanted a small liberal arts experience so that I would not be taught by grad students working as TAs. I also wanted to compete in sports as a distance runner. Beloit added a great international studies...

Abigail - Silver Spring, Maryland

Beloit gave me the confidence to be myself and expand my horizons. The intelligent, warm, and fun classmates and professors embraced me as my dorky inquisitive self. With my new found self confidence I was...

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